The Ultimate Chia Farming experience

XCH / TiB / Day (30d)
Effort (30d)
104.208 %
Pool Space (24h)
7.77 PiB (0.032%)
Net SpaceHeightDifficultyValue
Chia23.78 EiB3,775,7142,256€31.09 Start Farming
Last Payment
Last Block
15.5 %

automatically updated every 5 minutes

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🇬🇧 🇺🇸 A problem with the referral system was detected, so we were forced to remove all those that were active. We ask that until a correction is applied that you do not use this system. Thank you and good farming

🇬🇧 🇺🇸 We would like to inform you that maintenance was carried out on the pool's website server without any impact on the users. The pool update is almost ready, news coming out soon! Good farming!

🇬🇧 🇺🇸 The missing block (#3229691) has already been distributed. I noticed that farmer 04a16577e6..bdf6a19511 has already left the pool so I will send a reward to his payment address configured in the pool in order to reward him. Thank you all and happy farming!

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Official pooling protocol

We will never ask you for your private keys, not to mention the mnemonic seed. There is only place for Official Software on the Leaf Pool.


The Leaf Pool has one of the most complete Dashboards from all the Pools. Analyze your Farm by the detail and optimize your winnings. Fully compatible with mobile devices.


Not only the Leaf Pool is public and annonymous, we also do not ask or keep any private information. The only information we save is strictly associated with the Pool's normal processing.


Both our Dashboard and Pool are programmed for high performance, allowing for a better experience for all farmers

Global availability

We have servers all over the World, through the regions: Europe, Brazil, North America and Asia

Low difficulty

Here, you will experience a lower difficulty than most Pools. The result is a much more stable and accurate farming experience


Minimal taxes

The pool tax is just enough to cover maintenance and development costs.

Automatic payments

Daily automatic payments directly to your blockchain wallet when you reach the minimal transfer fee of 0.001 XCH.

BOT Discord

Keep updated with the real-time feeds from our FazendaBot about the crypto market, the Pool servers and your own Farm.